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(and our beloved pure:dyne, of course!)

Fresh and free from upstream tap

If you are using an operating system based on Debian, this is a new way for you to stay up to date with our software. You just need to:

Install our dyne-installer.deb package

And quench your thirst with, a free software brew since 2000

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What this package will do?

The dyne.deb package will setup everything for you, but in case you like to do it by hand, here below is the technical information on the installed sofware channels:

Our signing key fingerprint is: 8E1A A01C F209 587D 5706 3A36 E314 AFFA 8A7C 92F1

After install, all installed files are found on your system inside /usr/share/dyne

Debian compatible repository

 deb dyne main
 deb-src dyne main

Ubuntu compatible repository

 deb dyne main
 deb-src dyne main

May the Source be with You!

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